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The logo on the left is your company logo.

You do have a choice of logo colors and sizes, however, unless otherwise requested the following will hold true:

Logos will be applied to the left chest area of all clothing.

The SMALL logo is approximately 2.5 inches wide will be included on all Ladies clothing sizes S thru XL.

The LARGE logo is approximately 3.5 inches wide and be included on all Ladies clothing from 2X and up and on all Mens clothing regardless of size.

On DARK COLORED ARTICLES the logo will be sewn as with a LIGHT BLUE wave with NAVY lettering outlined in WHITE.

On LIGHT COLORED ARTICLES the logo will be sewn as with a NAVY BLUE wave with LIGHT BLUE lettering outlined in WHITE. 

You have two choices for clothing companies at this time, unless you provide me with your own clothing. 

The main choice being HERITAGE SPORTSWEAR which I order directly from almost daily.  They DO NOT carry any TALL sizes. 

The TALL company I order from is TRI-MOUNTAIN

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Prices are based on the number of articles ordered. 

Contact me for prices and I will be glad to give you a quote.